Being Thankful
From my childhood I learnt few very valuable lessons from my family. “Be Kind, Be genuine, Be Thoughtful and most of all Be Thankful.”
In today’s world where we are in the rat race, running either for family or either our mind is running, it seems we are always running and thus we forget to be thankful. Thankful for this life, thankful for where we are, the family,genuine friends, relationships. It’s very important to be thankful and have a thankful and giving heart.
I personally during my trainings or mentoring advise all, that being thankful is the key for it goes a long way to success. Sometimes being thankful can get us rewards which we don’t even think of. These rewards can be as simple as a thank you, a mention in important meetings by Business or work colleagues or a person you mentored. But then just remember that there are others who are listening to you being Thanked and it shows your credibility of being a Helper.
A leader is a helper as that’s how the team achieves success. If Leaders have this attitude then Success is guaranteed. Without a leaders continuous help, mentoring, guidance the success cannot be achieved and if the team is continuously following directions of the Leader and trying to do better to give the results then again success is guaranteed. In the end Leader has to thank the team as they did the hard work and team has to be thankful to the Leader for the continued guidance to achieve the success.
Its a “Being Thankful” attitude which guarantees success and peace of mind.

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