Discovering Talent
I have been a Hospitality, PR and Marketing professional for over 20 years and it gives me immense pleasure to share my knowledge or learnings with my colleagues, or people who are willing learners.
Its very essential to discover your talent. Some discover it by chance, some while exploring different avenues and some know what they want.
I discovered my talent during my personal and professional evolvement and every time I discovered a talent I wanted to excel in it to make myself good if not perfect. I have been through trainings and later trained many and I always got intrigued by human psychology and always liked connecting to like minded people. I believe when Like Minded people connect there’s a Surge of Positive Connectivity and that’s Power for positive growth.
I am not saying that every individual has to have the same commitment as few like to be in ease environment and few like to not take chances but in order to become a better professional it’s required to take chances to grow. Again every individual’s personal circumstances differ and thus it’s only you who can decide which path to take in your Journey.
My personal thought has always been that we all have a Star in us and we need to sometimes just discover that side in ourselves in order to thrive in our lives.
Life brings up opportunities and we have to keep going in order to get to the point where we feel comfortable and know “This is it and grow.”

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