Fairytale is part of our Journey
I believe in Fairytales. Life is a fairytale. There’s emotion, drama, tears, laughter and the happy ending is awaited or you get it. The fairytale is on till you are living. People who laugh at me or give me advise to see Reality I always smile at them as for me such people have their weaknesses and inability to accept the truth.
What is a fairytale ? We grew up listening to them, reading them. There’s always the good and bad. There’s always Wrong and Right. There’s always Laughter and Tears. There’s always a Lesson in the end!
Dont we have that in our Journey of Life ?? Don’t we have learn everyday from our Life and this Journey we are on ..
I rest my thoughts here for I am a firm believer that our life’s journey is a Fairytale and the happy endings or sad part is just in the Journey of learning and growing up 🙏💕

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