Hosting my Radio show
Being a Radio show host happened without any planning and naturally.
I believe, it was inevitable especially as I was being interviewed on local TV channels for my work with Non profits, Social Media Marketing, Sheetal Ohri Inc. Events etc and also I was personally interviewing many local community leaders for their work for Indian Express Newspaper ( North American edition) being the West Coast Bureau in charge and Correspondent for about 3 and half years. During this time my voice and easy professional personality for interviews was being given many compliments. And at the same time asking question and answers was already part of my daily work routine.
How it happened – I was assisting with PR and branding of a local Radio station and the CEO asked me one day – If I thought of hosting a show ? I gave it a thought and said, I never thought about it, but maybe some day.. it all started in a light hearted fun manner but I considered it seriously after few days. The station CEO offered to let me have my show on the AM station and then I had to think of a name which suited my personality and the work I did 😊 Being creative and to make it fun I came up with a name. Thus my radio show “Zara Hatt Ke” ( being Different)was born.
I hosted this show for a year on 1550AM and then moved on to Desi1170AM, a station with more listenership and network reach in the entire San Francisco area and re branded my show to “Making A Difference with Sheetal Ohri” and the journey began…
My show was aired every Monday on 1170 Am for 5 years and in 2017 I took the leap to FM station with starting the journey on Bolly92.3 FM.
It’s been 7 months on 92.3FM and I am still enjoying hosting, talking with Community and our Political leaders in the US, Organization heads, people who truly Make A Difference to enhance and enrich our lives for better and giving my listeners encouragement and knowledge about these individuals and organizations.
The purpose of my radio show always remain to showcase individuals and organizations who “Make a Difference.”
I have discovered many facets of my life during these years. Its been incredible,empowering and mind enriching to meet and interview the amazing guests, leaders and know about their journey and share their stories and guidance with my listeners.

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