It’s your Journey
I am Me.. an Individual, A mom, A daughter, A sister, An Aunt, A friend, An Entrepreneur, A workhoalic.. So many roles in this journey of life but in the end I am Me!
While moving forward you always tend to stop and Look back.. there’s always a pause, maybe a memory or many memories which make you stop..
There’s always a hesitancy of Should I or Should I not. The memories hold your hand and the path infront of you beckons to move forward..
Taking a step into the unknown is never easy but when you look back, everyday in your life has been unbeknownst to you. You never knew what each day will bring yet you took the step. You Woke up, you went through the day, the week, month and many years and you are where you are today after walking the journey of not knowing where the path will lead to.
Take a deep breath. Take the first step and feel the overwhelming rush of Adrenaline, shed the tears if you have to but walk on for in the end remember “It’s your Journey.” A journey where you will find the path, as long as you are walking, you will find your ways, whether you will get lost or stumble but you will get there.

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