Nominees-Media & Films(Short Films) SV2012

Arushi Sinha has worked in at the crossroads of technology, health information, healthcare communications, and the delivery of healthcare itself. Dr. Sinha has worked in many aspects of communications, including technical,medical and general media relations.

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Artist Devika Chawla is the first Indian vocalist to be featured on an Apple product. Devika co-wrote and performed the Bollywood track which is one of the 9 default trailers on Apple’s iMovie App for iMovie and iPhone. This is a great achievement for an Indian musician.

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Shah Peerally Productions Inc. was founded by Shah Peerally and comes forward with its latest short fictional film “ The Lost Dream” inspired by true current events. Directed by Renato Asuncion with Joe Barcelone as ‘Trent’, the president of a multi-millions dollars American company and Naz Khan as their lawyer ‘Sarah’, the movie revolves around the gripping and exciting story of how the break of the American dream and the difficulties towards Indian appeals for visas for skilled people who can contribute to their own as well as the American well being.

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Playground Pictures is a film/music production company, pioneering an organic, emotion-based style of film-making. With a diverse portfolio including TV Commercials, Short films, a TV Show and many other projects, they are expanding exponentially. Playground Pictures’ ultimate goal is to cultivate all of the South Asian talent in the Bay Area to create a sort of “Bollywood West”.

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Shuchi Talati is a directing alumnus from the American Film Institute where she received the Bridges-Larson Production award as well as the Women in Film endowment. During her two years at the conservatory, Shuchi made six short films, culminating in PORCELAIN — a dark fairy-tale about a young girl’s first experience of death.

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MRagendra Singh was born and raised in India. He lives in San Jose, California, USA with his wife and filmmaking/business partner Caitlin Kelly Singh. They both own a production company, 19th Cloud Productions LLC which we started in 2010. In last two years they have produced several short films for which they got recognition in bay area.

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Ivan Jaigirdar 3rd i Films is the Bay Area’s only media arts organization serving South Asians. The San Francisco Bay Area is home to an estimated 200,000 residents of South Asian descent. 3rd i Film Festival’s monthly screenings and annual 6 day film festival (in San Francisco and San Jose), bring together and celebrate the diverse South Asian American communities.

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“Dr. Hassan Zee, came to the USA twelve years ago, on a mission to create films about the plight of women in Asian countries and their fight to gain independence and personal freedom. His film Bicycle Bride won the best feature film Award in South Appalachian Film Festival and is now available on Amazon and Netflix after theatrical release. His work can be found at “.

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Giju John is a California based award winning Indian-born vocalist and performing artist who specializes in a unique music genre – ‘Latin-Indian’ fusion. A genre that brings together the music and dance styles of two rich and vibrant cultures. Popularly known among the media and fans as the “Pioneer in Latin-Indian Entertainment”, Giju has received several awards and accolades, the recent one being the Top NRI GOLD Award, in honor of his contribution in the field of entertainment. Giju John is also the Producer of ‘Love, Wrinkle-free’. Released in India and now releasing in USA.

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Meenu Gupta is a lover of literature, she has written columns, poems, fiction stories, blogs, reviews of books and movies for several online andprint publications – like Pleasanton Patch; Mothering Heights; India Currents Magazine; Monitor (Ohlone College’s newspaper).

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Raza Muhammad is the Owner / CEO of Studio 14. In such a short period of time, he has expanded his business and has been collaborating with different people from Media, Fashion, Politics and Community events. With his photography and videography skills, he was highly appreciated for his work.

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B’Khush is an E Mag with a difference! It’s a community which provides you with a platform to speak up. If you think you have something to share ( Articles/ movie reviews/ recipes/ beauty tips/ fashion tips/ bollywood news etc ) just register at B’ and upload your thoughts. Your voice will be heard by readers across the world.

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Iram Parveen Bilal : Raised in Nigeria and Pakistan, Bilal is conscious of the rare opportunity and voice she has on the filmmaking playground. She has directed short films that have traveled to international film festivals and won awards. She is currently trying to bring her first feature film, JOSH, into fruition.

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Azmat A. Gill(URDU NEWSPAPER)The largest Urdu Newspaper in USA is Urdu News. Based in San Jose, US Urdu news is designed to provide the readers with current and important weekly news ,issues related to Asia. In each issue we cover Assign business,interviews with Asian talent,community event,lifestyle, cultural highlights. Largest Circulation in West Coast California,Utah,New Hampshire,Kansas and New York.along with hard copy we have readership from all over the world on our website.


Vandana Kumar is a founder of the community magazine India Currents, which started in 1987 as a B&W newsletter. Twenty five years later, India Currents is a successful business and publishes a 144 page magazine reaching 125,000 readers every month through its print and online editions. Vandana prints, mails and distributes the magazines at no charge to the end user.

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Manjula Mair Gupta is the Founder/President of the Chai with Manjula organization. She is also the producer/host of a self-funded nonprofit TV show, Chai with Manjula (CWM). Manjula is using Media for social good. Her show is exclusively dedicated to the non-profit world, and promotes giving. It raises awareness about compelling social issues and initiatives by featuring nonprofit organizations, and social activists, social entrepreneurs, and philanthropists who are giving back and making a difference.

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Sandeep Khurana(Media Producer) continues to influence and enhance the lifestyles of millions around the globe through the educational, spiritual and meaningful content his company produces. A versatile composer with a distinctive style, he has composed for more than 70 albums and countless productions in the genres of Western Classical Symphony Music, Romance, New Age Music, Trance, Indian Classical, World Music and Film Music.

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Nyna Caputi’s love for social justice saw her working with the homeless and immigrants in the Bay Area but her goal was to do a documentary film on a pressing social justice issue. She was inspired to shoot Petals In The Dust : The Endangered Indian Girls to create awareness of the growing and rampant incidences of female foeticide and infanticide in India. The film is in post-production and the film trailer has already screened in cities across India, USA and Canada.

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Farhana Huq(Brown Girl Surf) Named in honor of Polynesia’s first female surfers, Brown Girl Surf is a journey to share with you the stories and projects of trailblazing female surfers from around the world. The first girls in the Gaza Strip are taught to surf amongst dropping bombs and flying bullets. A 22-year-old journalism student becomes India’s first female surfer. These are the stories of Brown Girl Surf (

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