Nominees-Science & Technology SV2012

Dr. Poonam Sansanwal is an esteemed scientist who’s passionate about finding a cure for Cystinosis, a rare genetic disease in children that destroys every organ in the body. Poonam has received many awards and scholarships from Govt. of India, AIIMS, NIH, and Cystinosis Foundation & HRB Ireland. She’s racked up significant accomplishments such as publications in scientific journals, presentations in conferences, research grants, and mentor to college students. Radio host, community work, and social work helping poor and orphan kids are some other feathers to her cap. Poonam received PhD from AIIMS/Delhi, and then went to Stanford University/Medicine for postdoc fellowship in Pediatrics in the cutting-edge field of translational medicine. Poonam recently joined CPMC-Sutter Health as a young faculty and she continues to strive to find a better cure and alleviate the sufferings of patients.

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Dr. Dalvir Pannu is an award-winning dentist at Pannu Dental Group which has four locations in the Bay Area. He is a proud recipient of Invisalign Innovator award, and is an Invisalign Elite provider. His case reports have been showcased in the media including on NBC and he received the “Keeping America Strong” award presented by a popular U.S. syndicated TV program, hosted by Emmy Award winner, William Shatner.

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Jai Rawat is a successful serial entrepreneur, mentor, advisor and angel investor with over 20 years of industry experience. He has received several awards and industry recognitions for his business leadership and technical prowess. He has also been awarded 16 patents. Jai is a frequent speaker on entrepreneurship, eCommerce and social media topics. His recent speaking engagements include entrepreneurship talk at Wharton business school and Social Media panels at eMarketingAssociation, Gannett Summit and eBay’s xCommerce conference.

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Rewa Kumar(DIVINE VASTU) has an Authority on Vastu with more than 25 years of experience. She has innumerable followers World wide. She is a Vastu Consultant for Homes,Offices,Business Places,Corporates. Intuitive Personality, can sense Negative and Positive Energies in a Building Structure and Human Bodies.Suggests Remedies without Demolition Using Scientific Logics only.

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Neerja Raman, recognized author, inducted into the Hall of Fame, Women in Technology International, is an executive in research management with experience that spans universities, start-ups and corporations. Currently, at Stanford University, Ms. Raman is researching business models and metrics for technology-based solutions in the interest of humanitarian, educational, and sustainable development goals.

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Harbir Kaur Bhatia is an Associate Director of Accounts and Projects at Cognizant Technology Solutions, a budding entrepreneur at iRezon8, social activist, and a TV show host on WomenNow. From the beginning she has been engaged in community activism, supporting local and global non-profits with focus on development, diversity, social issues, Sikhs, women & children, professional development, and innovation. Today, she is actively involved with TiE, Saanjh and a few other community initiatives. Her education includes Bachelors in Electrical Engineering, and Masters in Engineering.

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Jack Singh Pluto Labs is an ISO 9001:2008 company that provides development services for various mobile platforms. At Pluto Labs we saw the potential of mobile computing and smartphones early and put together a team of highly qualified engineers and designers—a team that can think ahead of the curve and deliver technological solutions that take advantage of device capabilities as well as conform to all user expectations.

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Lynn(Loveleen) Sahni Fremont Laser Med Spa is amedical spa doing multiple things with cutting edge technology. They have exclusivity on Fat melting lasers,Onon invasive face lift technology and magnetic weight loss patches. They guarantee 8–20 pounds a month weight loss in our clinics and thats our niche in the valley. They also do laser hair removal,botox and juvederm.

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Rahim Fazal is a technology entrepreneur, adviser, investor and public speaker who’s built three software companies, two which he sold by the time he was thirty. Most recently, Rahim was the Founder and CEO of Involver, an enterprise social media platform used by more than one million companies and many Fortune 500 brands, such as Best Buy, Target, Nike, MTV, and Facebook. Involver was a founding member of Facebook’s Preferred Partner Program, the first company to bring business applications into Facebook, and the platform used to power most of Facebook’s high-profile marketing activities, including the Super Bowl, Olympics, World Cup and 500m user milestone.

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