Making A Difference with Sheetal Ohri

“Making A Difference with Sheetal Ohri” is a 8 years old radio show where Sheetal interviews and showcases Individuals, organizations, companies, Startup companies, Political heads and Movie and Theatre Stars- who Make A Difference. She talks about the journey of these talk show guests and how these guests contribute in making the community, nation and this world a better place. Her talk show encourages her listeners and she also likes to promote culture, heritage and new talent in every arena. In the last 8 years since she started this radio talk show, it has aired on Am stations and now the talk show airs every Sunday at 9.30AM Pacific on KSJO Bolly 92.3 FM which is San Francisco Bay Area and North America’s largest South Asian FM radio station.

It can be heard while driving on the 92.3 FM KSJO station or online