The True Picture of the Picture perfect
I was talking to my girlfriend on Trust issues within relationships and we both agreed that in today’s day and age Trust has lost its meaning. In this age of social media where pretences and pretentious people live, insecurity and being shallow is becoming very common. Women get pictures with their husbands uploaded every few days to get comments and likes knowing well in their hearts or minds that the husband is probably with someone else. But just to get the media attention they tend to overlook the underlying reality and get the “Best Couple” or “Made For each other” titles from their network.
“Made for each other” titles are bestowed only to butter up the social media sites whereas in reality same people in group chats laugh at these couples looks or gossip about the affairs.
With social media taking over our lives, some women tend to lean towards having these pictures uploaded and tagging their husbands in order to make the husbands feel guilty of their outside the marriage relationships or to have them feel the pinch once the comments flow in. The insecurity of these women is apparent as the profile picture is changed every few days.
Where is the Trust when you are just giving temporary satisfaction to your restless mind? For your network you showcase as the perfect couple but in reality the mind is restless. Many married men join social media sites just to look at other women or friends network and sneakily hit on women. They send private messages, do chats and get the pervert thrills if their messages are responded to. Does Trust exist ?
It is a common known truth that most of the social parties are organized for social media pictures. There’s less talk and more posing and it’s not only women but men participate equally in the Selfie sessions. Before the party or event gets over the whole social media network sees the event with the event attendees. Whether Live or via picture posting especially group selfies.
Privacy does not exist and the truth remains intact that women dress up to get compliments from other women’s husbands or to get them from their party going friends or old school friends who probably knew how that person looked in reality when they were growing up. The Botox,Fillers and other Rejuvaderm facials makes these women look in their thirties or forties. With easy technology Of late some women are having fillers done to look younger. And that’s only the competitive edge for pictures. If you see the before and after of the last 10 years, the truth is shown. Again with the new apps the phones are set on Filters to make the skin tone look brighter and younger or to make someone look tall, skinny, flawless while taking pictures but don’t we meet in person ? Don’t these women interact without makeup? What happens then? 😲
Some of these women try to look hot or wear outfits which do not match the body weight yet they have to fit in the crowd just because they need the comments or likes once they upload the pictures or someone else clicking the pictures will upload. It’s all about pictures.
Many of the so called socialites maybe older than the rest and would know about their husbands affairs or indiscretions yet they pretend to be the All Rounder giving advise to all on “How to control and keep the husband.” Really 🙄 I mean first please understand if you could control yours (then you would not be acting as a newly married posting pictures), before being the leader of the pack..
The latest trend of San Francisco’s Bay Area is to only have Couple parties..
My mind asks a simple question Why ? Is it that the Lovebirds or the inseparable Duo on Social Media sites are insecure or there is No Trust and these party women organizers are scared?? Knowing the former and latter are both correct and go hand in hand, it is a sad state of affairs for these men are having affairs and women in order to compete with other women and their looks, clothes, hairstyles tend to forget the true meaning of their relationship.
The fact is that “the only couples”parties are far more dangerous than singles mingling as they tend to get the pent up wild side out and these couples end up having affairs within their so called couple Groups.
Many of these women have no professional qualifications or jobs thus practicing picture perfect looks or poses all day or coordinating color matching clothes before the party day is all they do. Trying to understand the Psychology of these Socialites, I just hope these women realize that being comfortable in their own skin is better than faking it. Being in the husbands shadow is good for materialistic pleasures as most of them want just the new outfits or jewelry for every party but not when the husband is having affairs outside. Some of these men tend to pretend that they worship the ground their wife walks on, I personally believe they are the most dangerous ones.
Few women like to get into the gym or fitness routine only to get compliments from their friends husbands in these parties. Such cheap thrills 😦 What does this make the woman ? Another woman’s enemy.
Does this Ying and Yang truly are the Made for each other couples? Do they smile for camera and fight behind closed doors? Only these couples know.
I rest my thoughts here for the Truth is there is no trust factor in today’s relationships but superficiality and faking it just for the sake of Social media to get the attention. I wish it could be understood that the Reality has no iPhone app to smoothen those lines or put makeup on as Truth about the Picture perfect is still known.

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